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As you may already have guessed, music and entertainment is a big part of your wedding and its success.  With that in mind, when you think of your wedding entertainment, I am sure there are aspects such as certain songs and events that strike a note in your mind.  Every person has a different opinion as to if the Chicken Dance should be played.  This is exactly why Midwest Sound customizes each and every event.

Here at Midwest Sound, we take our time in getting to know precisely what you are anticipating in the entertainment for your evening.  We send you out a series of forms to let us know more information about you and the big day.  (By the way these forms can also be found online!)

The first is a Getting To Know You form.  This lets us know more about you, personally…your age range, what kind of music you and your fiancé enjoy (both separately and together).  On this form, you also tell us what you expect from your guests–are they party animals who will dance to most anything, big dancers who will dance to a lot of the music, occasional dancers who will dance to what they know, or socializers, people who won’t dance at much, if at all?  This helps the DJ know how to anticipate your guests’ reactions once the music starts…and it may help you consider what your guests NEED to get them going!

Also on this form is where you tell us what you are expecting out of your DJ.  Tell us you’re your ideal DJ would be like!  This form is really the key in your DJ selection, as the information given will help us match you and your fiancé to your perfect DJ!

The next form is the planning guide.  This is a rundown of events throughout the evening.  Starting off with the Grand March; when, or if and how you want the bridal party announced, what song might be the perfect background for your introduction.  Moving into the spotlight songs; such as your first dance as husband and wife, parents dance, bridal party dance, father/daughter, and mother/son dance.  If you want to do any of these dances, just write down the desired song and who sings it.  Our music director will make sure those songs are there for your big night!

This is also where you let your DJ know about the garter and bouquet toss.  If you want to do this classic event, just let us know if you want it more formal, casual, or “anything goes”.  Everyone has an opinion on the garter removal aspect—and we don’t want you to suffer through any surprises.   This will inform your DJ to exactly what comfort level the two of you are in front of your friends and family.

Next are the group-participation dances.  If you want to do any of the events, just circle them to let us know. If the YMCA is a no in your book, cross it off, we will make sure it does not get played.  Anything left open is up for the DJ’s discretion.  Last, but certainly not least on the planning guide is the level of interaction you wish to see from your DJ.  You can choose anywhere from average, to very interactive, to not active at all.  The great thing is that it’s your choice…not the DJ’s!

Last form is the most fun– the music!  This is around 900 of the most popularly requested songs.  It’s a great starting point.  This might not seem like a lot, but if we were to send a list of our entire music library, it would be the size of a phone book!  With this packet, just go through and highlight and songs that are a must-play and cross off anything that would make your ears bleed.  If you don’t see a favorite song of yours on there, just write it down, and our music director will get those songs for you, no extra cost!

Same thing goes as with the events, if it’s crossed off, you can rest assured it will not get played!  Keep in mind as you are selecting your music, in a four hour period of dance around 50-60 songs can be played.  If the music list is a bit overwhelming, fear not, the information on the previous forms will help your DJ select the right music to fit the mood of the evening!

All these forms, along with the assurance of our friendly office staff and freedom to come in and chat with our music director or a DJ will really make your special day, YOUR special day.  Full customization of your event will make you feel like the day is personalized and perfect!

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