Raising The Bar


Go all out with our party extras

Our professional and personalized DJs will provide you great reliable entertainment on your special day or for your next corporate event. Midwest Sound's event enhancements will take things to the next level!


Wireless Microphone

Many couples find that a wireless microphone is essential to the success of their evening. When placed at the head table, it allows you and your bridal party to make toasts and announcements you don't want missed.

Corporate events can also greatly benefit from the freedom that these microphones provide. Emcees, hosts and event participants can move around without having to be tied to a specific location or having to continually go over to the DJ to make announcements.

If your venue does not provide a microphone for your needs, we can help!


Glow Stick Bracelets

Forty-five glow stick bracelets for you and your guests of all ages to enjoy. A favorite with children and children at heart!


Par Cans

Par cans are multicolored lights that wash your entire dance floor with soft, gentle light that changes color to the beat of the music. These add incredible depth to all types of music – from slow dances to upbeat party songs – and help elevate the mood on your dance floor. This ambient effect is perfect for any event.


Fog Machine

A fog machine not only enhances the already superior light show included in your entertainment package, but also allows you to transform any room into an intimate and romantic setting. The fog provides the light additional surface area on which it can appear, meaning that you don’t just see lights on the floor and the walls, you see it throughout the entire room and on the very air itself.

Use of this device may be subject to the policies of your event venue, so be sure to make sure you have permission first.


Laser Lighting

When you think of lasers, what comes to mind? Energy! Excitement! Party time! Our lasers’ spectacular effects will invigorate your crowd and help make your evening an undeniable success. Lasers are a great addition to your event and can form an especially exhilarating environment--and are best when used in conjunction with a fog machine.


"KISS" Table Tents

Everyone wants to see the happy couple kiss at a wedding reception. While the traditional clinking of glasses is effective, an entertaining – and much more interactive – way to accomplish this is the use of “KISS” Table Tents. These “tents,” signs placed on the tables at your event, encourage your guests to sing songs with the words "love" or "bliss" if they want the couple to kiss. This alternative provides your guests with the opportunity to become more involved in your reception, and to have even more opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime.The best part? Love songs are timeless and span all eras of music, so guests of all ages will be able to participate!


Bubble Machine

A Brides’ favorite for years, bubble machines can add ambiance to your event in a way not easily duplicated by any other means. Shimmering bubbles cascade to the dance floor. Lights reflect off the bubbles, sending sparkles and light beams throughout the room. Children and adults smile and laugh as bubbles swirl around them.  The magical effect created by a bubble machine is an image your guests will not soon forget!

Use of this device may be subject to the policies of your event venue, so be sure to make sure you have permission first.