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Complete our online event planning form to provide information to your
entertainer regarding your special event.  Giving direction about content, style and structure of  your school dance will help us serve you best!  To access and complete the form please
click the button below.

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"highlight" Moments or events

Fill in names and artist of songs for any specific moments or events.  If there is an event or highlight moment you'd like, but are uncertain of the song, please indicate "TBD or To Be Determined".

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Group Events/Dances

Choose Yes to events you'd like to do,
choose No for events you don't want and At DJ's discretion/by guest request for events you don't
feel strongly about either way.

Click Save My Planner after making any changes.
Click Submit My Planner when completely finished customizing the information.

Helpful Hints

Don't forget to fill out the Music Planner page if there are any songs you would consider MUST-PLAY or any songs you would consider DO-NOT-PLAY.   

By default, we will be prepared with plenty of current "radio-friendly" song selections to cater to the tastes of the average student.