The Perfect Songs


Don't forget to fill out the Event Planner page as well!

The songs shown on these pages are not nearly our entire music library, simply a collection
of the most requested dance songs. Click the "Custom Song" button to add music not
shown on the list.

It may be easiest to select "All Artists" to bring up the list in alphabetical order by artist
name, or "All Songs" to bring up the list in alphabetical order by song title.

Click the Green "ADD" button to add songs to the must play list, or click the Red "ADD"
button to put songs on the do not play list.

The speaker icon directly to the left of the song title or artist name can be clicked to sample songs. You will be routed to a third-party site so you can listen to samples. Certain artists do not release music in this format and may not be available to preview.

Click "Save My Planner" after making any changes.

Click "Submit My Planner" when completely finished customizing the information.

Helpful Hints

While you can add numerous must play songs, keep in mind that only 50-60 songs will fit into a typical dance period.

We do not play dinner music track by track, so please just select your preferred style for dinner music on the Event Planner page.

Requests will be entered into a box at the bottom of the screen, where you can remove them or add notes.

Coming Soon:
Our NEW feature-packed Client Portal !!
(going LIVE summer 2019)